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You are passionate about passing on knowledge, conducting research, and interacting with students? Then you will be in your element at IU? Then you are in your element at IU. As one of the fastest growing educational groups, we represent the values of a modern educational institution and are aware of the responsibility of passing on knowledge to future generations. In order to ideally prepare our students for the job market in a wide variety of fields, you will teach various topics, conduct research, and provide new perspectives in the digitalized world.

As a pioneer in digital education, IU offers private and state-recognized degree programs in IT management via online teaching.

Support our team full- or part-time starting now (online teaching via distance learning):

Professor (m/f/d) of Data Management

Your Responsibilities
  • Responsible for teaching and research in the subject area of Data Management
  • Dedicated and professional input to the further development of the distance learning and the creation of an online study program in the area of Data Management
  • Conceptualise and develop the online study program by connecting theory and practice, and by using modern teaching methods
  • Collaboration with committees and partners involved in shaping higher education

The professorship for Data Management covers topics of the full data processing pipeline, i.e. data ingestion, processing, storage, analysis and reporting. The position emphasizes on cloud infrastructures and experience in building large-scale data-intensive systems in the cloud is a requirement for this position. Applicants should have shown profound knowledge in building and managing systems for handling large amounts of structured and unstructured data in the cloud as well as in managing data-intensive projects in a lean and agile manner. Further requirements include experience in applying European standards for data protection and security to data-intensive systems and knowledge of data analysis techniques and frameworks.

Applicants should have academic education, professional experience, and academic research experience in the following fields:

  • Concepts in Data Management
  • Database Concepts & Technologies
  • Data Query Languages
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Ethic & societal considerations in Data Management
  • Popular cloud providers and offered services
  • Cloud solution architectures
  • Data Engineering
  • Big Data Technologies
  • Data Warehousing and Orchestration
  • Master Data Management Systems
  • Data Ops
  • Techniques and tools for CI/CD
  • Microservices
  • Techniques and tools for virtualization and containerization
  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

 Your Characteristics:

  • You have several years of professional experience in the field of data management, preferably in SMEs or large companies, and can prove this with a detailed list of the subject areas or projects you have worked on. Ideally, you have leadership experience in industry.
  • You demonstrate your research competence through publications in relevant peer-reviewed journals as well as conference contributions. Due to the practice-oriented education in our study programs, practice-relevant publications and industry cooperations are a plus.
  • Your application should include a detailed list of the projects you have worked on and led in the field of data management, a list of your most important publications, evidence of previous teaching experience, and a research concept.
  • Evidence of applying scientific methods in application and research
  • Experience in online teaching preferred but not required
We offer
  • Diverse and responsible tasks in a rapidly expanding corporate environment
  • Profit from our internal training programs; e.g. IUBH distance learning
  • Attractive development perspectives with a large scope for designing your own ideas and personal commitment
  • Equal opportunities and diversity within the personnel
  • Performance-related salary, staff discounts, 30 days paid leave and other benefits
  • flexible working hours and location-independent working

If you meet the recruitment requirements and are interested in practical and technically sound teaching in a committed team, then apply online via our career portal.

For further questions please feel free to contact our Recruiting Team:

Further information can be found at or

Our recruitment team is at your service
Do you have any questions? Our recruitment team will be happy to help you out - individually and personally.
Do you have any questions? Our recruitment team will be happy to help you out - individually and personally.
Do you have any questions? Our recruitment team will be happy to help you out - individually and personally.
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Academia FAQs

Am I a permanent employee or freelancer in IU Academia?
Our Professors are permanently employed and our Lecturers, Tutors, and Authors are all Freelancers.
Is there a teacher forum for discussion & exchange?
Absolutely! At every location we have a regular faculty conference. We also encourage dialogue via our collaboration tools and all our module leaders are available for questions at any time.
What is the application process for a lecturer assignment?
Once we review your application you will receive a further questionnaire by e-mail to be completed and returned.  We will promptly send you relevant information by e-mail about teaching at IU. We will also inform you about the process regarding a trial lecture.
When do lectures take place in dual studies?
Our dual study program includes modules that take place every two weeks and modules that are taught every week on specific days. Normally, our lectures for a module take place in blocks of 4-6 UE (UE = 45 minutes). Planning of the blocks is done in consultation with our lecturers. The weekly teaching hours are: Mon-Fri 8:00-20:00.