Our culture inspires, motivates, and protects us. It captures the essence of a shared passion we all bring to work each day—a passion for disrupting the status quo and making education even better!
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Culture of Everyone.

We’ve talked about our explosive growth. But what about the impact it will have on our behaviour? This is why we created our Culture of Everyone. Instead of trying to technically manage it over time, we made our culture the responsibility of everyone. Our values will remain the same but, our culture will change—that’s ok.
Everyone’s voice is heard, so we will advance our culture as we grow to embrace diversity, inclusion, and belonging.


A culture of everyone, by everyone.

Be diverse. Be included. Belong.

If we want to make a difference in the world, we need great people around us. For us, it’s about the unique value you bring to the table that reflects who you are.


That’s all that matters.


Diversity pushes innovation, inclusion provides new perspectives, and a sense of belonging builds the trust we seek within our teams. Altogether they define our workplace—celebrating teamwork, openness, leadership, and creativity.


It’s a place for game changers motivated to help drive our students’ success while enjoying great personal and career advancement. Bring what makes you different, and that will make us stronger.

Evolving culture


Monitor. Respond. Protect.

Our culture is strong, but we don’t always get it right. That is why we question ourselves regularly to make sure we stay on track. Everyone is asked to make an anonymous assessment of our culture every quarter. If we are off-track, we learn from it and put it right, and we implement great ideas to make us stronger.

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Our leadership promise

We exemplify our values through our actions. We live among our employees and not above them. We are approachable and accessible to everyone.
Our guiding principles make us responsible for establishing respect and trust while focusing on outcome and growth and taking ownership. We are the stewards of our vision, we create impact at speed, we build high-performance teams, and we constantly develop ourselves to cultivate new leaders and scale our mission.
By holding ourselves accountable for our actions, we enable our company values while inspiring everyone to do the same. Cultural fit is something we pursue throughout our hiring process—to create an environment that fosters self-worth, confidence, and a sense of team.


We will support you in finding great purpose in your work and help you become your best self.

We celebrate. We party. We rock.

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that we take celebrating our success pretty seriously. We basically love to party. No point going into detail. You have to be there to understand. Our parties are legendary!

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Fun at Work

A great place to work

Our mission, our culture, and our passion for students define who we are. We are courageous in our task, we are innovative in our approach, and we are supportive of everyone in our team.
This is why we have been recognised as a great place to work in 2024 for the fourth year in a row. It’s a testament to everyone and the passion we bring to work each day.